The Florida African American Student Association, Incorporated is dedicated to the academic and personal development of students of African descent. The organization serves as a network to develop programs that promote effective communication, unity, respect for African culture, and excellence in all endeavors through the implementation of its PACE Plan:


In the past, we have failed to take advantage of the political process to bring about the necessary changes to positively impact our lives. Such changes will not occur unless we, as African American students, unite our voices to select those persons who will best represent us. By operating in the spirit of Umoja, (Unity), we can take the lead and be the change we want to see.

FAASA's March Against Poverty and Homelessness to Bethune-Cookman University with Kim Denmark 2019


We will develop programs and activities geared toward recruiting, retaining, and graduating Black students. By implementing this component,

we will expose the essential factors of education as a necessity for the development of a more secure African American society that is fully independent.


We will provide programs and activities that enhance the awareness of and appreciation for the many contributions made by people of African descent to our global society.


We will stimulate public and private interest in FAASA’s programs and activities; developing rewarding partnerships, and promoting entrepreneurial outcomes for FAASA and its members,

in the spirit of Ujamaa.